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Individual Help

I can offer individual help, learning sessions devoted to your concerns and your computer and devices. One on one help with any issues, setups or procedures you would like help with. Below are a few issues you may have encountered that I can help you with.

Anacortes, Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, Coupeville, Greenbank, Langley, Clinton

Do you have annoying password issues?

There are ways solve Password problems, reset passwords, and set up secure ways to save passwords.

Is your iPad or iPhone short on storage space?

I can describe options and set up your iOS device to solve storage problems. I'll explain ways to handle music, photos, and too many apps. I can also clear old Diagnostic and Usage Data. 

Do you have a project or task
or need help with a particular function?

Sometimes a situation arises where you need a particular product or outcome. For instance, you may need to get images to a particular size, or convert many documents from one format to another. You may also want a program to perform in a particular way, or keep one from doing something annoying.

Give me the details and I can offer you options for getting the job done, or complete the task for you.

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Are your mobile devices iPhone and iPad
not syncing data the way you want?

Get your iPhone or iPad to sync just the data you want. I offer personal help for set up and iCloud configurations. If you have apple TV issues, I can help with that too.

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Is your computer, iPhone or iPad
not backing up your data?

It's important to know if your data is being backed up and how to access it. Whether you prefer backup to the cloud or to an external drive and done automatically or manually, I'll make sure it is set to your needs.

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How about learning to manage Photos?

Would you like tips to manage and edit photos? Find photos easier. Create new Albums and Slideshows. Change the display order and import or export photos to email.

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Anacortes, Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, Coupeville, Greenbank, Langley, Clinton